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Why Slackline?

  • Govt. of Chhattisgarh

    Rural Education Program

    We are introducing slacklining to rural areas and local schools to empower and educate kids.

    Does it count as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) when the Government indulges in it?

    Watch Video: 1 Minute
    #CSR #BalanceforIndia

  • Mercedes- Benz India

    Balance, Branding, Content.

    #livetherush with
    Mercedez-Benz, Slacklining and Samar Farooqui in
    an online short film series featuring this India elite athlete's adventure along with the best cars the world has to offer.

    Watch Video(4:30 minute): Rushes: Toe the Line - Episode 5

  • Capgemini

    Motivational Talks
    Team building Experiences

    Life is often like walking on a tight rope between two cliffs.

    We all need help to overcome fear to become the best version of ourselves.

    This is that chat. Let me help you unlock your best self.

    let's talk 
  • Talk the Walk

    We don't just walk the walk, we also talk the talk.

    As the first professional slackliner of India and perhaps the father of slacklining in India, Samar's journey to bring slacklining to India is one with many lessons.

    Watch a talk

  • TTK Group

    Brand activation and crowd engagement redefined.

    The TTK Group invited us to engage and interact people who were visiting their festival and on ground event.

    Together we organized the first ever Slackline India Championship

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  • GoPro

    Brand Ambassador
    and Content Creator

    Proudly associated with GoPro, one of the world's leading action camera manufacturer.

    Samar has been a brand ambassador for GoPro since 2017.

    GoPro Content on Social Media

  • VFS Global

    Team Building and Corporate Training

    Give your team an experience they will never forget. Take back valuable life lessons that are applicable in your daily work life.

    Help yourself and your team mates "FIND BALANCE"

    Literally and Physically.

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    Performances for T.V.

    Want something catchy for your TV show or film?

    We've been on Television numerous times. We've worked with FREMANTLE on one of the most popular TV shows of India - India's got talent.

    Contact us now 
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