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Slacklife Inc by Samar Farooqui

Yoga Tube - 1 inch

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Soft ✅
Stretchy ✅
Sexy ✅

Our Brand new webbing is playful and fun with soft edges and an overall soft feel. 
100% designed and made in India

Fun to walk with a good grip and feel for static & yoga tricks and positions on the line.

Soft edges to practice and learn freestyle tricks and ideal for beginner highlines. 

Colour: Green, Black and White. 
Swen Loop: 32 KN
MBS: 32 KN
Material: Polyester
Type - Tubular
Stretch - 7.5% at 10 KN
Weight: 87grams per meter. 

Length: 3 options available

30 meters - single side sewn loop
50 meters - both side sewn loops
100 meters - boot side sewn loops

NOTE: This product is webbing only. This is not a full kit.

For beginners - if you wish to make this a complete kit, the basic minimum you will need - 
1) Spansets x 2 - can be custom ordered with us. 
2) Steel Carabiners x 3 
3) Ring x 1

Please drop us a message and we can help you source all the above mentioned things as well as link you to the knowledge required to set up slacklines in this style.

Advanced and Intermediate Slackliners - You should know what you have and need. Please contact us if you need help / advice. 

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