Samar Farooqui

The Founder and Slacker in Chief for Slacklife Inc. 

Educated in Adventure Tourism from Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand.
Globally recognized as an industry expert in the sport of Slacklining.
Samar holds the current highline free solo record of India and is perhaps India's best freestyle highline athlete as well a GoPro India ambassador.
He has been sharing and spreading his passion for slacklining
across India for over a decade.
From his talents being showcased on TV shows to teaching celebrities
to teaching underprivileged kids or uncoordinated adults, Samar has done it all. 
And now he is using his decade of experience with the sport to design and bring you the best made slacklines in India.


Murali Vijay

An Indian international cricketer.

A Indian Test Cricketer. He also represents Tamil Nadu in first-class cricket.
An athlete of international standing who is a backing Slacklife Inc. and the growth of slacklining in India.



Our Manufacture partners, whose roots are more than 135 years deep,
with being Delhi’s first Foundry and then being Worlds largest manufacturer
of spanners and hand tools with 7000 workforce.

They started manufacturing hardware fittings with a British collaboration
which they took over and expanded into manufacturing and exporting of Lifting,
Lashing, Hoists, Tie down restraint, Safety and defense products.

Now they have partnered with Slacklife Inc. to create the best and safest available Slacklines in India. 

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