You are here because you have purchased a Slackline kit from us.

In this section, I will teach you how to rig, de-rig and make the most of your slackline kit. 

All Slacklife Inc. Kit's have 3 integral parts (some may have 4 - eg: AirLine)

1) Slackline webbing
2) Anchor Sling with OWL Lock
3) Slow- Release - Ratchet.

Our Slackline kits use a ratchet system, making it easy and time efficient for you to rig and practice slacklining regularly. 

Also, through our integrated Slow-release System, De-rigging has now become a simplified process which preserves your fingers from the high tension and snaps of tricklines. 

OWL Lock.  

The OWL lock comes integrated either into Spansets (for our trickline sets) or into the anchor sling for the Keyline.

This set-up is designed in this fashion for Two reasons and uses - 
1) Slow release system - When Used with the Ratchet  - for easier de-tensioning. 

2) Rodeo Weblock -  for hand tension and loose lines. 
Please note that when the OWL is used in this manner, DO NOT put high tension on it. (If you do, it could become hard to release it. This design is recommended for slack and loose lines only. You need to keep some looseness in the line when unloaded in order to release it. 


Anchor Slings - for Tricklines

Our tricklines are made with such huge safety margins that we are eliminating the need to back it up. 

Any conventional 2 inch slackline that you buy in the market, when set up as a trickline, needs to be backed up. For our own safety! 

I have developed a slackline that eliminates that process by keeping a huge safety margin. With the Slacklife Inc anchor system, you can crank your trickline up to high tension without the worry of the ratchet going flying into you. 

Integrated Tree/ Webbing Protection

Most Slackline kits do not come integrated with everything that you will need. We are not the same, we aren't trying to sell you a slackline, then asking you to buy a this and a that to complete your kit. Our Slacklines are a one stop solution. Buy out kits and something as small yet crucial as a tree / webbing pro - will come integrated into your kit. No need to go find old towels or extra cloth. 
Simply, take our line to the park. It has everything you need to keep you, your webbing and your anchors (trees) safe from tension and slackline abrasion. 

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