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The AW line is the first webbing manufactured for Slacklining in India. 
It is made from Polyester, it is pretty stretchy and fairly soft. 

Just yesterday, I went and rigged it up on a highline for the very first time. Here is my take back from it. 

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Slacklife Inc., Slacklife Ink -

Welcome to Slacklife Ink! This is where I will be sharing my work, vision, knowledge, product reviews, stories and future plans with you all.So let me begin at the beginning. I was introduced to Slacklining in 2009/2010.When I tried standing on a slackline for the first time ever in my life, before I even realized, I had tried, stood up for barely a second and fallen back to the ground and barely 2 seconds had passed in all of this. As I was back on the ground, having experienced something new, with all the rush, fears and fun that comes along with indulging...

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