Key Line - Product Overview

Key Line - Product Overview

The Key line is a one stop shop for your getting started with slacklining need.
This is our 1 inch, beginner and intermediate slackline. 

The line has 3 parts:
1) Webbing,
2) Anchor Sling with OWL lock 
3) Ratchet with Slow Release. 

In addition you will find 4 x Tree / Webbing Protection Sleeves to keep your line and anchor safe and give it extra life in a sustainable manner for your gear and the environment. 

Beginner usage:
The line has a light weight and durable ratchet for those who wish to put a little tension in the slackline while walking. The ratchet comes attached to a built in Slow release which attaches to the OWL lock on the anchor. Since the ratchet is small in size, it can only tension your line to a limited amount. To add additional tension, you can use the slow release to put extra tightness on the line. 

Intermediate usage:
For those of you who have picked up and leveled up your skill, this line packs a little surprise for you. You can use the line without the ratchet as a rodeo line. the OWL lock built in on the anchor sling has a simple and easy to use mechanism to adjust hand tension on the rodeo line. 

This line weighs under 2 kgs in total, including your tree protection. Perfect light weight travel companion.

The webbing we use in this line is the same as the AW line - Polyester, soft and stretchy with an MBS of 25 KN


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