Air Line - [2 inch | 30 meter]

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Air Line - Take flight! 

This line will make you fly. 

Feel the trampoline effects of a slackline. Bounce, flip and parkour exit to play around. 

Ideal for getting some serious air time with bouncing on the line.
Recommended to people who want to take trick lining seriously. 
Some Slackline /Parkour /Gymnastics experience is recommended.
Or Taking a class with one of our Pro Team members to learn how to get the most out of this line. 

- 30 meters of 2 inch Slacklife Inc. webbing. 
- 2 x ratchets
- 1 x slow release
- 2 x Span-sets - 2 meters.


Additional feature
- Build in Slow release for easier and safer de-rigging.