Slacklife Ink.

Slacklife Ink.

Welcome to Slacklife Ink! 

This is where I will be sharing my work, vision, knowledge, product reviews, stories and future plans with you all.

So let me begin at the beginning. I was introduced to Slacklining in 2009/2010.
When I tried standing on a slackline for the first time ever in my life, before I even realized, I had tried, stood up for barely a second and fallen back to the ground and barely 2 seconds had passed in all of this. 

As I was back on the ground, having experienced something new, with all the rush, fears and fun that comes along with indulging in an adventure for barely 2 seconds, I though to myself that it was possible to do this for slightly longer than my first attempt. Flash forward to over 10 years later, here I am, the first professional slackliner that India has ever seen, now on a journey to starting to manufacture slacklines in India to make the sport accessible for the country. Still believing I can do better. 

So with this I would like to thank each and every one of you, who has been a part of this journey, supported and challenged me along the way to do better, to be better. There is more to come and better still to do. I hope that we inspire each other to get the best out of ourselves in whatever dreams we are chasing.
Dreams do come true if you are willing to work on them is what I've learnt.

Love your continued wishes and support to an evolved glorified rope walker.

Love and regards,
Samar F.
Slacker in Chief for Slacklife Inc.  

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